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The traveling square has been a tradition for many years in Algoma District.  The intent is visitation and education.  The Lodge possessing the traveling square prepares a presentation, then presents it at a regular meeting of the Lodge accepting it.  The square and a copy of the presentation is left with the Lodge for the following presentation.

The Traveling Square was first presented to Superior Lodge # 672 in Trust for the Algoma District of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario on March 12, 1958 , and will begin its travels by journeying to, Kenogamisis Lodge No 656 , on April 16th 1958..  It has traveled to many Lodges over the years.  A copy of each lecture delivered over the years is files in the companion note book for future reference.

The travelling square was made in the shape of the old “Gallows Square” as it is believed that the gallows square was hung in the centre of the Lodge long before the letter “G” and indeed, the gal1ows square is one original form of the Hebrew Ghimmel, corresponding to our English “G”. In this sense it symbolizes the fountainhead of all knowledge as well as the grand science upon which masonry is founded. 

The traveling square was made of hard material, highly polished, yet unadorned.  It was made of hard material to emphasize that the knowledge imparted over the square be as durable as the square itself.  The high polish emphasizes the shining beauty of Truth and the unadorned surface symbolizes the clean sheet to lay out lines and ideas.

First Presentation

Tonight I have the honour of presenting to this Lodge in trust for the Algoma district of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario a symbolic square to be known henceforth as “The Travelling Square”.


 Many hands have been active in the preparation of this symbol and I think it only appropriate here to mention their names Bro. Gavrel who presented the idea; Wor. Bro. Smith who took it up and paved the way with Grand Lodge; Bro. Langtree who secured the rude material; Wor. Bro. Law and Bro. Brennen who made sure that the finished product was worthy to be used for its present purpose.


We are presenting the symbol to the Lodge in the hope that it will become the flaming brand required to further the work of Masonic Education throughout the District.  That wherever it rests for a little while the spark dropped by its passage will burst into flame and eventually the flames so kindled throughout the District will grow to such an extent that the aspect of Masonry here symbolized will become self-sustaining.


We have made the travelling square in the shape of the old “Gallows Square” as it is believed that the gallows square was hung in the centre of the Lodge long before the letter “G” and indeed, the gallows square is one original form of the Hebrew ghimmel, corresponding to our English “G”.  In this sense I feel that it symbolizes the Fountainhead of all knowledge as well as the Grand Science upon which Masonry is founded.


We have made the square plain and unadorned but highly polished.  I feel that this too is symbolic as it presents us with a clean sheet to lay out our lines and designs.  The material out of which the square is fashioned is very hard so that knowledge imprinted with the aid of this square should be as durable as the square itself.


The idea behind this travelling square is that it will be taken from this Lodge to some other Lodge in the District and presented to them with an appropriate lecture delivered by one of our brethren.  That Lodge will in turn carry the travelling square to some other Lodge following a similar procedure a loose-leaf notebook has been provided to hold a copy of each of the lectures delivered over the square and to record its passage from Lodge to Lodge.


And so, Worshipful Sir, I present to you this travelling square with the earnest wish that it will never rest too long in any one place.


 (Presented to Superior Lodge No. 672 G.R.C. by Bro. James E. Scott on April 16, 1958)


Click here for a listing of those places and lecture topics as far as the records indicate.


April 17, 2009 presentation from W. Bro. Clive Gregory, Master of Shuniah Lodge #287 to  W. Bro Bert Nelson, Master of Kenogamisis Lodge #656 in Geraldton. It is titled "Masonic Thoughts".  Click to hear audio presentation