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Connaught # 511
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Protocol & Etiquette (P&E)

Grand Lodge provides a number of newsletters on Protocol & Etiquette.  Please click on the following for the bulletin.

Index of Topics Covered in P&E Essentials - July 2016

P&E Essentials - Issue 39 July 2016


Balloting and Lodge Elections

Conducting Lodge Elections:

A Practical Guide

Planning for Election Night

Questions & Answers

Pertaining To Lodge Elections

Suggested Procedure for The Worshipful Master To Follow on Election Night


Specimen Lodge Ballot

Lodge Summons


P&E Essentials - Issue 38 May 2016


Proper Etiquette to Observe During the Singing of "O Canada"

Congratulating the Candidate

Step Up Night

Adjusting the Working Tools During Openings and Closings


P&E Essentials - Issue 37 April 2016


This Issue is Entirely Devoted to the Topic of Proper and Improper Solicitation of New Members


P&E Essentials - Issue 36 February 2016


Freedom of the Lodge

Open Ritual Books in Lodge


P&E Essentials - Issue 35 April 2015


This Issue highlights some of the common mistakes in protocol which occur in our lodge rooms

P&E Essentials - Issue 34 February 2015

Does Humour have a Place in a Lodge Room?

John Attends “The Perfect Lodge Meeting”

P&E Essentials - Issue 33 January 2015

The Past Master

Privileges Conferred by the Constitution

With These Privileges Come Responsibilities

Some Suggested Protocols for Past Masters to Observe in Lodge

P&E Essentials - Issue 32 June 2014

Masonic Dress Codes

The Worshipful Master’s Collar

Dress and Undress Regalia

P&E Essentials - Issue 31 May 2014

The Masonic Memorial Services

P&E Essentials - Issue 30 April 2014

The Director of Ceremonies’ Baton

Lodge Elections

P&E Essentials - Issue 29 March 2014

Visitation and a Board of Trial

Suggested Readings

P&E Essentials - Issue 28 February 2014

The William Mercer Wilson Medal

The Grand Master’s Meritorious Service Award

P&E Essentials - Issue 27 January 2014

The Director of Ceremonies

P&E Essentials - Issue 26 – July 2013

The Committee of Inquiry

P&E Essentials - Issue 25 – May 2013

Questions & Answers Booklet

P&E Essentials - Issue 24A [revised] – April 2013

The District Deputy Grand Master

P&E Essentials - Issue 23 – March 2013

Jewels and Pins

Military & Civilian Medals & Pins


P&E Essentials - Issue 22 February 2013

Draping the Warrant

Memorial Services

The Altar

P&E Essentials - Issue 21 [revised] January 2013

The Grand Honours

First Set of Movements

Second Set of Movements

Third Set of Movements

Fourth Set of Movements

Final Set of Movements

The Funeral Honours

P&E Essentials - Issue 20 – December 2012

Banquet Hall Protocol – Part 2

Introducing a Head Table

Introducing a Secondary Head Table

Addressing a Head Table

Additional Reference Material

P&E Essentials - Issue 19 – June 2012

Banquet Hall Protocol

P&E Essentials - Issue 18 – May 2012

Election of Lodge Officers

P&E Essentials - Issue 17 – April 2012

The Grand Honours

The Deacons

Addressing the East

Addressing a Head Table

P&E Essentials - Issue 16 – March 2012

Message from Our Grand Master

Cell Phone Etiquette

Book of the Work

Multiple Volumes of the Sacred Law

P&E Essentials - Issue 15 – February 2012

The Business Portion of a Lodge Meeting

P&E Essentials - Issue 14 – January 2012

Committee of General Purposes

P&E Essentials - Issue 13 – June 2011 - Withdrawn

P&E Essentials - Issue 12 – April 2011

Dress Codes in Masonry

The Well-Dressed Mason


P&E Essentials - Issue 11 – March 2011

Why Is the Master Called “Worshipful”

The Worshipful Master

Saluting the Worshipful Master

Take the Proper Step Before Saluting



P&E Essentials - Issue 10 – February 2011

Pronouncing Glossary

Masonic Toasts

P&E Essentials - Issue 9 – December 2010

Pronouncing Glossary

The William Mercer Wilson Medal

Who Can Sit In The East?

The Head Table

“Worshipful Master” Is a Rank

P&E Essentials - Issue 8 – October 2010

Pronouncing Glossary

The Ballot – Part Two

Procedural Rules Concerning Applications

Some “What If’s”

Questions & Answers

P&E Essentials - Issue 7 -  June 2010

Pronouncing Glossary

The Ballot – Part One

How to Conduct the Ballot

P&E Essentials - Issue 6 - April 2010

Dress and Undress Regalia

The Sign of Fidelity

Pronouncing Glossary

Addressing the East

P&E Essentials - Issue 5 – March 2010

Saluting When Passing

Pronouncing Glossary

The Lewis Jewel

The Tyler

Can The Grand Honours Be Given In Public?

The Warrant

Draping the Warrant

“Say I, Repeat Your Several Names and Say After Me”

P&E Essentials - Issue 4 – January 2010

The Ceremony of Installation Booklet is Being Revised

Pronouncing Glossary

Reception of Visiting Brethren

Announcing Grand Lodge Visitors

Proper Reference to the Grand Master

Worshipful Master’s Collar

P&E Essentials - Issue 3 – October 2009

The Book of the Work has been revised


Funeral Honours

Memory Joggers

Did You Know?

Banquet Hall Seating Protocol

The Wands

The Grand Honours

P&E Essentials - Issue 2

Pronouncing Glossary

P&E Summary Statement

Banquet Hall Protocol – Introducing Brethren at a Secondary Head Table

P&E Essentials - Issue 1


Guide to the Masonic Memorial Services - Revised September 01, 2017

2017-2018 GRAND LODGE OFFICERS - Order of Introduction into Lodge - Revised September 01, 2017

Guide to the Masonic Memorial Services – September 1, 2015

Reception of Grand Lodge Officers and Banquet Hall Protocol - Revised September 01, 2017

The Installation Ceremony – Ritual, Protocol, Tips and Reminders - January 01, 2017