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Algoma District Report on Ch.I.P. Funds and Financing.

AS of August 15, 2012

Over the past 5 years Algoma District has purchased and paid for approx 6,700 kits @ $3.00 each for a total of $20,100.  We currently have 6 computers at a cost of approx $3,000 each and we have already replaced 6 units. So we have had the expense of 12 computers for a cost of approximately $36,000. ( I am not sure who paid for these specifically but local donations did help.)


Overall the program expects to replace 10 to 15 computer units again this year as this is an ongoing project.  A donation of $100,000 from a Lodge in Ontario 4 years ago and donations of another $150,000 from various sources enabled the Masonic Ch.I.P. program to purchase a total of 35 computer units.


Algoma District is one of 44 Districts in Ontario and as such we have received close to 1/5th of the benefit of all donations. Also we have processed 11.5% of the overall kits so far. As such we are one of the best performing Districts in the province.


Since April 15th, 2012, Masonic Ch.I.P. Ontario recently received a total of $652 from Algoma District. These are the only funds received by the program from Algoma District since 2008/09 Masonic year other than for the purchase of kits.


I assumed the position of Regional Co-ordinator for the program on April 15th this year. Several lodges have completed events and sent funds to Masonic Ch.I.P Ontario to support these events – as follows –

Terrace Bay Lodge $550.00 ( Various Doners )

Shuniah Lodge $600.00 ( Recreation world )

Kam Lodge $400. ( Northwest Insurance )

Also Kam Lodge raised $170.00 internally for local expenses and with the exception of the purchase of a donation box are holding the balance for future Ch.I.P. expenses.  Also a new scale was donated by Equipment World thru Peter Knutson.  Superior Lodge has donations of $300 so far for their Sept 1st event.


Currently we have Ch.I.P. representatives from 5 Algoma District Lodges and expect soon to have 4 more. To date after the CLE we received public cash donations ( from our donation box ) of $125.21 with incidental expenses of $69.92 and a cash on hand balance of $55.29. We will maintain a small petty cash fund to purchase incidentals such as hand sanitizer, scotch tape, masking tape etc.  All other moneys will be sent to MasoniCh.I.P. Ontario. We will be keeping an accounting of all monies spent through petty cash as well as monies sent to MasoniCh.I.P. Ontario and will report annually to Lodge representatives as to how much and where the money is going.


Since April 15th, MasoniCh.I.P. Ontario has sent us two signs, have ordered a height chart valued at over $500 and have paid for printing of forms, supplied extension cords and a new microphone for one of the computer.  We have plans to purchase a quality Commercial Tent ( 10 x 20 ) for internal and exterior use to protect our equipment and improve our visibility and presence in the community.  Expected cost of this venture with imprinted logos is $2642. USD plus any duty and taxes. We are looking for Corporations who would like to have their logos as a “Participating Partner “ imprinted on the tent. The tent would be used both indoors and outdoors and expect locally that it would be used at least 5 or 6 times a year or approx 15 days exposure annually. The tent should last about 5 or 6 years. We continue to need donations (corporate and personal) to purchase “Kits” for individual Lodge projects as well as support the overall needs of the program.  We have a donation container for all cash donations. The completion of an envelope ( supplied ) with your name and address will get you a tax receipt from Masonic Ch.I.P. Ontario. Totals for each lodge whose members donate will go toward funding their projects.


Also without the support of our hard working volunteers this program would not be successful.  Please consider contacting your lodge representative, Craig Wolverton or myself if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.  All volunteers are required to get a Police check and we facilitate this through Craig Wolverton.


Thank you to all who are involved in this worthy project.



Dean Botchar

Algoma District Coordinator Masonic Chip Program