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Gary Bloomfield - Blood Donor Committee Chairman

Several of our Brethren have been recognized by Canadian Blood Services for their outstanding number of plasma donations. At the annual Donor Achievement Recognition Breakfast held at the Valhalla Inn in May of this year, the following Brethren received donor recognition certificates;

- W. Bro. Albert Harding    - 500 donations
- W. Bro. Don Murray        - 300 donations
- W. Bro John Burns          - 300 donations
- Bro. Jim Pudas               - 150 donations
- Bro. John Cameron         - 100 donations
- Bro. Randy Britton          - 100 donations
Unfortunately, Bros. Harding and Cameron were not present for the breakfast. 
At Grand Lodge this summer, the following Algoma District Brethren received Awards of Merit from Grand lodge for their lifetime to date Plasma donation achievements:
- W. Bro. Don Murray - 300 donations
- W. Bro Eric Johnson - 150 donations
- Bro Jim Pudas - 150 donations
- Bro. John Cameron - 100 donations
- W. Bro George Tester - 75 donations
- Bro. Ivan Donio - 50 donations
Our Freemasons Community Plasma challenge generated 4, 334 plasma donation this year which placed Algoma District in 3rd place in our Grand Jurisdiction after Hamilton and Wellington Districts for total donations for the Masonic year
At the recent Community Plasma Challenge Awards Ceremony,  W. Bro Eric Johnson and Bro John Cameron were both recognized for making 48 plasma donations during the 12 month  community plasma challenge. An outstanding performance by both Brethren. 

Brethren, just think, it may be close to impossible for anyone of us to change the world, but giving the gift of life by becoming a plasma donor gives each and every one of us the guarantee that we have saved a life.

Please call the Thunder Bay Plasma Centre at 625-8400 to book an appointment.

Plasma, it's in us all to give.

Pictures featured here are officials of the Canadian Blood Services with the following donators. (Click on picture for larger image)

Donor Recognition 2006 011 1.jpg (286881 bytes) Donor Recognition 2006 042 1.jpg (302792 bytes)

           Randy Britton                                    Jim Pudas

Donor Recognition 2006 060 1.jpg (294752 bytes) Donor Recognition 2006 063 1.jpg (287819 bytes)

            John Burns                                          Don Murray